We have special bonus for you in year 2017 and that is Eset mobile security username and password. One activation key will be awarded to one visitor so be sure to share this promotion with your friends. This promotion is only for our blog readers and gift will be given on first come first serve basis. You must follow all the rules mention below. Share this post with all your friends and family members on social media. Last but not least subscribe to our email list by entering your email address in the box below and verify it by clicking the confirmation email you receive. When ever we go to our friends home or flat we take our removable media with us like USB drive or External Hard-drive.

This is where we all do wrong and got viruses in it when we return to our homes. USB drives has no protection or mechanism to detect which file is safe and which is virus so when ever you transfer files in it there is a big chance that the file in infected.